Unclaimed Property

As a new drive and endeavor, a team of dedicated professionals has been set up by Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, to specifically handle all queries, liaising with the states and thereby, recover the unclaimed funds owed to Hewlett-Packard. The team specifically assists the holders (the entity or a person who controls the unclaimed property until it is transferred to the owner or to the state on the owner's behalf) of unclaimed funds, by enabling them to take advantage of a quick, convenient and cost effective, means of returning these funds to Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

The objective of this initiative is to prune the lengthy procedures involved in performing the functions of "due diligence" and "reporting" the unclaimed funds (funds legitimately owed to Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, but has not been claimed for some reason) to the state. It also avoids the unnecessary paper work and the time consuming procedures for both the "holders" of these funds and HPE.

  •     • Helps in preventing misleading financial statements.
  •     • Reduces the litigation risk.
  •     • Reduces the paper work in reporting and the remitting procedures, which are required by the states.
  •     • Avoids excessive interest, penalties and potential criminal conviction for non-conformity with the UCP laws.
  •     • Helps in reducing the risk during Audits.
  •     • Successful completion of "Due Diligence" requirements.
  • Any unclaimed fund that belong to the below mentioned subsidiaries & acquisitions can be reported to us.

        • Agilent

        • ApplQ

        • Arjuna Solutions Limited

        • Atalla Corporation

        • Bluestone Software Limited

        • Bluestone Sweden AB

        • Compaq Computer Corporation

        • Computer Insurance Company

        • Digital Equipment Corporation

        • Fleet Systems,Inc

        • HPQ Holdings, LLC

        • Indigo America, Inc

        • Mercury Interactive Corp

        • Microcom, Inc

        • Peregrine Systems RLX Technologies

        • PFC Acquisition Corp

        • Rainier Technology Inc

        • Scitex Vision

        • Shoreline Investment Management Co

        • Tall Tree Insurance Corp


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    Our executives will contact you within 2 business days and will ensure a hassle free and prompt resolution of these funds, which are unclaimed and owed to HPE, its subsidiaries or acquisitions.