Physical Protection Security Audits Notification

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Physical Protection Security Audits Notification
The GES Product Protection Team is notifying HPE Supplier Partners (Suppliers who manufacture products to HPE’s specifications) of an upcoming Physical Protection Security Audit.

Audits will be performed throughout the months of July and August 2017.

The scope of this audit is to review the security controls and processes in place to physically protect the Supply Chain. The audit will cover four parts:

  •     • Facility Security Protections – Access Controls, Alarms & CCTV systems
  •     • Security Process Controls – Badging, Theft Prevention, Incident Reporting, Yard Controls
  •     • Business Process Controls – Materials Disposition, Inventory Control, Shipping & Receiving Controls
  •     • In-Transit Security – Driver Requirements, Route Controls, Security Seals, Vehicle Maintenance, Tracking & Communication
  • Action Required:
  •     • Identify a contact in your organization with whom to coordinate the audit, and provide the contact details to the Product Protection Team.
  •     • Promptly set an audit date when contacted by the HPE auditor who will visit your facilities.
  • If you require any further clarification please contact the EG Product Protection Team at the following email.
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