Invoice Submission (Electronic and Paper)

Electronic Invoicing through Ariba and Tungsten network

Welcome to Hewlett Packard Enterprise e-invoicing website!

HPE is committed to achieve Accurate and On-Time Payment of your invoices. To accomplish this, we have adopted electronic invoicing.

Currently HPE is gradually transitioning from Tungsten-Network to the Ariba Network E-Invoicing platform. This will be the future mode for an invoice submission.

If you are using Tungsten Network, please continue until you receive PO notification from Ariba Network.

If you are sending paper invoices we strongly encourage to move into the Ariba Network e-invoicing:

 ●   Registration process (PO and Non-PO) can be found in the following guides depends which option a supplier is registered with:

- Standard Account Guide

- Enterprise Account Guide

For the other important information like how to enter your bank, VAT, Tax details etc. properly please refer to the same document.

     ●   Useful Videos:

    Ariba Training for Suppliers Part 1 - Account Setup

    Ariba Training for Suppliers Part 2 - Invoicing and Tax
Paper Invoicing

In case certain country of HPE entity is not available on Ariba Network, it has to be billed via paper.

Full list of countries can be found here.

Please follow the below guidelines to submit a paper invoice:

Issue your invoice to correct HPE legal entity (Bill To/Sold To)

Hewlett Packard Enterprise comprises of multiple legal entities. Often, multiple HPE legal entities exist in one country.

It is imperative that you invoice correct HPE legal entity and print its legal name and address (depending on country legal requirements) on your invoice.

How do I know which entity to invoice?

You should invoice the same legal entity that has issued your Purchase Order. Both the name of the entity and its legal address (bill-to/sold to address) are normally stated on every PO. In case of further doubts, please check with your HPE Procurement contact.For non-PO invoices please confirm with your HPE requestor the legal entity information

To ensure speedy payments, for most countries you must send an invoice to a designated mail-to/post to address instead of your HPE contact. In some countries, invoice mail-to/post to address is different from the entity legal address.

It is important to send your invoice to the correct mail-to/post to address! HPE starts counting payment terms from the day your invoice is received in such address!

How do I know which address I need to send my invoices to?

Mail to/Post To address is visible on the Purchase Order received from HPE.
For non-PO invoices please confirm with your HPE requestor the Mail To/Post To information.

Make sure your invoice contains mandatory data including HPE PO number

It is critical that the following details are included on the invoice:

    ●  Valid HPE Purchase Order number
   ●  Name and email address of HPE employee that ordered your goods or services - in exceptional        cases where you don't have a PO, you must include the Requestor Name, Last Name, and E-mail          Address
    ●  For Credit Notes: invoice number and purchase order number of the invoice against which credit is          given

In addition, you must include all information legally required in a given country. Typically this includes:

    ●  Invoice number, issue date
    ●  Your tax registration number
    ●  HPE's tax registration number
    ●  Correct HPE's legal company name
    ●  Correct HPE's legal sold-to address
    ●  Your bank details
    ●  Item description, unit price, total price, quantity, currency, VAT (value added tax) or other applicable
         transaction tax amount.
    ●  Tax rate
    ●  Taxable base amount
    ●  Tax amount
    ●  Exemption reason in case you apply a tax exemption
    ●  Transaction currency tax amount in local tax reporting currency in case you issue in a foreign currency
         with taxes.
    ●  Any additional information as per legal requirements in your country Only original tax invoice would be

Understand your payment terms and HPE payment process

Typically, payment terms are negotiated with suppliers in advance. HPE standard payment terms are 65 days. Invoices are paid according to payments terms negotiated with supplier and not according to those stated on the invoice.
Payments to suppliers are fully automated. It is HPE's practice to issue payment for invoices that come due in the next payment run. If an invoice comes due after a payment run, payment will be issued in the next available payment run. HPE does not publish payment run dates as they could change based on bank holidays, country holidays, or for internal reasons.

Other potential reasons for payment delays perceived by suppliers are:

    ●  Invoice sent to your HPE contact and not to designated mail-to address. Payment terms are based on
         receipt date in correct mailing location
    ●  Invoice not authorized (non-PO) or goods receipt not confirmed promptly
    ●  Problem with payment (e.g. missing or incorrect bank details)
    ●  Supplier not aware of payment terms negotiated with HPE (standard is 65 days)

Check the status of your invoice and payment

Use AP Online  (For invoices with PO prefix different than ‘HPEPO…’)

You can check there the information like:

    ●  What is the status of my invoices?
    ●  When and how much will I be paid?
    ●  What is the payment for?

 ●  Use the Ariba Network Guides (For suppliers who are registered on Ariba Network):

- Standard Account Guide

- Enterprise Account Guide

For further details please refer to the FAQ section.