Hewlett Packard Enterprise Payment Terms: EOAP+65

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    • HPE's standard payment terms are End of Accumulation Period (EOAP) terms rather than a Net (NT) structure.

    • HPE initiates payment for all of the invoices received during the Accumulation Period on the “Payment Initiation Date”--the first working day of the month nearest to the Batch Maturity Date.

    • Supplier will receive final payment approximately two to five days after Payment Initiation Date (depending on bank transit time).


    1. Payment will be in U.S. currency unless otherwise stated.

    2. Payment will not constitute acceptance of Services or impair Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s right to inspect. Acceptance shall be when Hewlett Packard Enterprise deems the Services to meet its specified criteria (“Acceptance”).

    3. Hewlett Packard Enterprise, at its option, and without prior notice to Supplier, shall have the right to set off or deduct from any Supplier’s invoice, any credits, refunds or claims of any kind due Hewlett Packard Enterprise.