What is the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Supplier Portal?

The HPE Supplier Portal is a single point of entry for HPE suppliers, business partners and vendors to access HPE content, services, applications and tools.
Who can access it?

Anyone who has access to the public internet can access the HPE Supplier portal public pages.
However, the real value of the portal is contained within the secured pages. To access services with information classified as HPE Confidential, a Business Partner company must obtain a Business Partner Internet Authentication (BPIA) agreement with HPE (known as Class B access type). Alternately and for the less security stringent services, HPE Restricted or lower, the portal offers the ability to register and sign-in to such secure pages using User ID and password (known as Class C access type).
What applications currently reside under the HPE Supplier portal?

At this time, over 15 HPE owned applications and services spanning Supply Chain, Manufacturing and Finance are hosted under the HPE Supplier portal.
I'm an HPE internal user, where do I submit an issue for an application on the Supplier Portal?

Go to HP Service Manger- IT Support and search for "supplier portal (hpe)"
Also, If you know the HPE support team for the application, you may contact them directly.
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What are Class B and Class C services?

Class B services (digital certificate protected services) correspond to services containing information classified as HPE Confidential. These services reside on a higher security layer that can only be accessed using a BPIA digital certificate. To obtain the BPIA digital certificate your company must sign a Global Data Security & Internet Credentials Management Agreement (ICMA) with HPE.

Class C services (password protected services) correspond to services containing information classified as HPE Restricted or HPE Private. These services reside on a lower security layer that can be accessed using a user id and password. To obtain the user id and password users may be required to sign a separate CDA/NDA and fill a registration form.
How to register for the Class B (digital certificate) services?

To sign up for a Class B service, your company will need to obtain a BPIA sign a ICMA with HPE. To find out if your company has established BPIA with HPE, please contact you HPE sponsor. Alternatively, you can contact the HPE Supplier Portal support team. The BPIA and the ICMA Legal Agreement FAQs are available via the following link BPIA Business Partner Enrollment web site.
How to register for the Class C (user id and password) services?

To sign up for a Class C service, follow these simple steps:

Go to the New User – Class C Registration Form and follow instructions

You will receive a confirmation and access information via email within two business day of your request. After this, simply access the service by using the “Sign-in using user id and password” link the Supplier Portal Homepage.
If I am already registered for Class B services; can I also register for Class C services?

Yes, if you already have access to the Class B secure home, log in using digital certificate and visit the “Request access to additional services” link on the left navigation. Select the service(s) you need access to and submit the request. Within two business days of your request, you will receive a confirmation and access information via email. After this, the service link will be added to your Class B home page left navigation.
If I am a Class C user, can I also access Class B services?

You cannot access Class B services from the Class C secure area. Class B services are classified as HPE confidential which requires higher security than Class C services. To access Class B services your company will need to obtain a BPIA digital certificate with HPE. If your company obtains a BPIA certificate and you are granted access to the Class B secure area, all the services that apply to you (Class B and Class C) will be displayed on the Class B secure home left navigation.
My phone number or company name on my profile is incorrect. How can I get it updated?

This question would only apply to class C (username/password) users. Once you login with your username/password, at the very top of each page, there is an 'Edit profile' link.
The person who used to access the application on Supplier Portal has left. How do we get a new person access?

If you know the HPE sponsor for the application contact them directly. You can also request access to certain class C applications. If that person was the ONLY person who had the BPIA approver certificate, then please see the BPIA FAQ page below.
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Who can I contact if there is a BPIA problem?

End users should contact an Approver of their company for support.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Relationship Owners and Business Partner Approvers (not regular users) can get support via the BPIA help desk 24/7:

Direct +1 916-785-4035
U.S. toll free 1-888-785-4035
I am getting an error in my certificate/ unable to access with certificate

Please contact the BPIA sponsor for your company and/or visit the BPIA FAQ site at the link below. You may need a new certificate or have it re-issued. You can test your certificate below.
» Digital Certificate Testing site.
The BPIA approver for our company is leaving, what should we do?

You should make sure that the approver role has been transferred within your company to another individual. You should ALWAYS have at least 2 approvers per company. Follow the BPIA process (see BPIA FAQ) to get a new certificate. Once the new approver has the BPIA certificate, the previous approver (leaving) needs to then add the new user, as a user on the appropriate groups using the administration tool for Supplier Portal (Vignette).
For other BPIA questions please visit the BPIA FAQ site

» BPIA FAQ site
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Application Specific
How can I check the status of invoices?

Use AP Online  (For invoices with PO prefix different than ‘HPEPO…’)
ApOnline is a free tool used to track the payment status for your invoices, which you can use to track your payments securely online. You need to request access to the AP Online application. Please go to the New User – Class C Registration Form and submit your request. Do not forget to check the box for 'AP Online'.

Use Ariba Network Guide (For suppliers who are registered on Ariba Network) Use Ariba Network Guide
How can I submit invoices to HPE?

Please refer to the Invoice Submission page.
How can I access compliance and control documents?

Supplier Handbook is where HPE's revision control documents (Trade & Logistics, Business Processes and Security Requirements, Manufacturing Compliance, and World Wide Policies and Standards) can be accessed by our partners. You need a BPIA certificate AND request access to the handbook.
I cannot download a document/ IE page not found

Check your IE/browser settings using the document below. Contact your HPE Sponsor or specific application team.

SP & IE Settings (DOC, 1,247KB)
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