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The HPE Supplier Portal provides access to secure content/services protected by two independent authentication models. Please ask your HPE sponsor which access type you need.


Class B Authentication (BPIA Digital Certificate)

Class B authentication handles HPE Confidential data.

To obtain access to Class B applications your company needs to:

   1. Obtain a BPIA Digital Certificate and sign an Internet Credential    Management Agreement (ICMA) with HPE.

   2. Request access to the application(s) you need. Please contact your HPE    sponsor to find out which applications you need access to.

Once you have a digital certificate you can also get access to Class C services if you explicitly request the service and are granted authorization from the HPE service owner.

To request a BPIA please contact your HPE sponsor.

--> BPIA FAQs are available via the following link BPIA Business Partner Enrollment web site.


Class C Authentication (User name and Password)

Class C authentication handles HPE restricted data.

To sign up for a Class C service go to New User - Registration Page, fill out the “Class C Registration Form” and select the type of service you need.

Within two business days of your request, you will receive a confirmation and access information via email. After this, simply log-in in the "Sign-in using user id and password" section on the Homepage.

Some class C applications may require new users to sign a CDA/NDA

Application Name Description Service Request
Supplier Handbook Supplier Handbook is where Hewlett Packard Enterprise revision control documents such as Trade & Logistics, Business Processes and Security Requirements, Manufacturing Compliance, and World Wide Policies and Standards can be accessed by our outsource suppliers Request Access
Supply Chain Collaboration (KeyChain) External-facing web application for HPE supply-chain buyer/planners to efficiently collaborate with the supplier network on purchase orders and inventory. Contact your HPE sponsor
MyPim Tool to look up product information, ECO viewer and Engr. Doc viewer. Request Access
Application Name Description Service Request
AP Online AP Online (APO) is a free Invoice and Payment Status tool available to Hewlett Packard Enterprise external customers, where legally permissible. AP Online will allow you to view up-to-date invoice and payment data. For submitting invoices please visit OB10 (Tungsten). Request Access
ESP This is a secure area for invitation-only. ESP is used by Global Procurement as a contract database and Interface for suppliers to participate on Sourcing events. Contact your HPE sponsor
GP UK&I Supplier Marketplace For United Kingdom and Ireland only. Registering in Global Procurement Supplier Marketplace is the first step in our evaluation of your firm's potential to do business with Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Request Access
Fed Security Certification This is a secure area for invitation-only U.S. Federal Supplier Security Certifications. Request Access
Supplier Diversity (SDR) Supplier Diversity enables Hewlett Packard Enterprise access to US Public Sector and Enterprise revenue for HPE by ensuring that under-represented and under-utilized small, minority, women & veteran owned businesses are provided a maximum practicable opportunity to become suppliers of goods and services to HPE. The Supplier Diversity Registration tool provides a single repository for small and diverse businesses to introduce their core capabilities and submit a high level profile to HPE Procurement Professionals and Global Supplier Diversity for potential business opportunities. Request Access
Application Name Description Service Request
OB10 (Tungsten) Hewlett Packard Enterprise e-invoicing website for submitting invoices. Go to site